Wind turbine

Wind turbine

Club Cosy - save money on electricity

The oil-buying syndicate is up and running. Now we turn to electricity...

A group in South Wales has been negotiating discounts on electricity. It's a simple scheme. They ask people if they might be interested, then go to the electricity suppliers and see what sort of deal they can do. They then send the details of the best offer to the people who were interested, who decide if it's a better deal than they have already got. If so they can choose to switch, if not, they don't.

By drawing households together, Cyd Cymru can negotiate for cheaper energy bills on behalf of all who register.

You can register an interest by visiting the Cyd Cymru website: or by calling 0800 093 5902.

The only problem is timing: they are currently working on their third round. People need to register interest online or by phone by the end of February. The deal will be negotiated on 1st March, and potential users will need to decide whether to switch or not between 2nd and 16th March.

You may be tied in to an existing contract that doesn't end until later on - it's up to you to decide if any new deal is still worth doing even if you have to pay a small penalty for switching early.

The scheme is open to anyone living in Wales. It costs nothing to register your interest, so why not?

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